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Welcome to Shay-Vic Boxers!

I am a teacher looking at retirement in the very near future. Now I have the opportunity and time to follow the dreams of my youth. Our goal is to raise quality boxers that can be a productive part of the family atmosphere either via Show, Performance, Herding or just loving family pets.

My love for Boxers-the family pet of my youth-was renewed 7 years ago when I bought a Euro Boxer named Ryker - Terminator ot Goldiboks (Russia) as a birthday present for my son Jay. I had forgotten what wonderful dogs Boxers are but Ryker brought all the great memories of my youth back.

I can say I was amazed at how smart,loyal and loving boxers are. They are fabulous with children, and great with our small dogs too. I fell in love with their curious personality and of course all of the cute facial expressions that boxers have.

Over the last few years, we have become highly involved in the sport of AKC Conformation and have fallen in love with the breed even more than before. Boxers are a large part of our family and will continue to be so for a long time to come.

Please enjoy your visit to Shay Vic Boxers.

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